Winner Foundries and Manufacturing, Inc.

5655 Marshall St.
Arvada, CO  80001

One of the newest and finest foundries in the West, since 1922 Winner has progressively kept pace with market demands for high quality metal castings.

Services at Winner Foundries and Manufacturing, Inc.


Winner Foundries is principally engaged in casting aluminum, brass or bronze in standard flask sizes for industrial application, and open floor casting in oversized molds when required.

Winner offers full foundry services, including:


Sand Molding

Match Plate Molding

Loose Pattern Molding

Permanent Molding

Automatic Sand Treatment

Five Molding Stations

Open Floor Casting

Six Gas-Fired Melting Furnaces


Pattern Service

Porosity-Free Casting

Multiple Core Selection

Heat Treatment

Sand Blasting

Production Runs

High Quality Control

Automatic Match Plate Molding


5655 Marshall Street
Arvada, CO  80002