Winner Foundries and Manufacturing, Inc.

5655 Marshall St.
Arvada, CO  80001

One of the newest and finest foundries in the West, since 1922 Winner has progressively kept pace with market demands for high quality metal castings.

About Winner Foundries and Manufacturing, Inc.


Founded in 1922, Winner Foundries and Manufacturing, Inc., has progressively kept pace with market demands for high quality metal castings in single prototype and high quantity productions.

Winner offers complete foundry services:  molding, melting, pouring, flashing, and gate removal in modern controlled conditions, and is principally engaged in casting aluminum, brass, and bronze in standard flask sizes for industrial application, and open-floor casting in oversize molds when required.

Castings are not limited to industrial products, today's modern foundries produce wall plaques, identification insignias, belt buckles, candy molds, and a wide range of hobby/novelty type products.


An additional newly constructed 12,000 sq. ft. building houses five molding stations, an automatic high-production molding machine, fully automated sand treatment and delivery system, and six gas-fired crucibles for sand casting.

Finishing operations are confined to slag removal and de-burring.  However, shot-blast, sand-blasting, and heat treating operations are available.  All castings are subjected to rigid visual inspection before finishing.

Blueprints and patterns for castings are contracted to independent, professional pattern shops for loose, production, and match plate patterns.  All patterns are designed and manufactured to performance requirements.  A separate weather-proofed building is maintained solely for pattern storage. 


5655 Marshall Street
Arvada, CO  80002