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One of the newest and finest foundries in the West, since 1922 Winner has progressively kept pace with market demands for high quality metal castings.


Sand Molding at Winner Foundries and Manufacturing, Inc.

High quality castings depend on quality patterns, uniform and properly mixed sand, and high grade pouring metals heated to the proper temperature.

Winner Foundries exercises all possible control to maintain high standards on casting beginning with the sand, which is tumbled, fluffed, aerated and moisturized in a fully automated Muller machine.  When the proper mixture has been achieved, the sand is delivered to the five molding stations through an overhead conveyor system.  At the stations it is used to individually pack and set each flask, thereby making the mold to be poured.

Flasks (molds) are placed on a track at the  assembly station in-line to the furnaces.  Furnaces and the temperature of the molten metal are controlled to
1 degree Celsius through the use of digital pyrometers.  The molten metal is delivered to the assembly station by an overhead system and poured into the molds.  Immediately after cooling the molds are opened and the casting is extracted and stacked for finishing.  Each casting is spot checked for faults, deposits and porosity.

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5655 Marshall Street
Arvada, CO  80002